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Cumming, GA.  Pole Barn at Christmas.  Our very grateful thanks to Charles and Laura of Cumming, GA who thoughtfully documented their pole barn project throughout our work.  We'll always remember the steak dinner you made for the crew on our last work day, your fun barn warming party and your special barn Christmas Card.  We value our customers and appreciate the opportunity to earn your trust and friendship.
Cumming, GA. Pole Barn Construction.  If you love barns, you'll enjoy learning about the construction methods used by the famed Amish barn builders and of our pioneer fore-fathers whose many barns from the 1800s still stand today.  There are less expensive barn building methods, but they will not, under any circumstances, stand the test of time nor offer the safety and security of a well-constructed pole barn.  Precision Barn Builders, LLC is commited to building quality barns that pass the test of time with an A+.

The members of Precision Barn Builders, LLC are more than workmen.  They are a team of carpenters.  Carpenters care about the cut and placement of every board into which each nail or screw is precisely driven.  You are welcomed to visit the site at any time - come unannounced.  Bring your friends!  Our company's reputation is achieved by thoughtful, detailed planning at the beginning of your project, attention to each detail throughout your project, quality communication via email, faxes and phone availability, with our unwavering commitment to your satisfaction.

After the poles are set, what's next?

Once the roof is on, your barn project continues to move swiftly.  Mother Nature can rain all day and not slow us down.  Dried in, we commence to finishing the interior / exterior walls and completing plan details.  Building one barn at a time with minimal reliance on sub-contractors allows us to work efficiently with little or no downtime.  We will "dovetail" the end of a barn project to build small projects, construct fence work or begin another barn while our painters or electricians finish their portion of the work and only half of our carpenters are required on site.  

Our residential barn projects range in style from metal to rough sawn exteriors, 2 - 6 or more stall barns, often with multiple wash racks, storage/feed/tack rooms and full or partial living quarters.

Cumming, GA., Pole Barn Construction.   Long poles set in deep in concrete gain barn strength and stability.  Investing in a pole barn is the best insurance you can buy for assuring safety during inclement weather.  The poles create the framework of the barn from which the exterior and interior walls are built.

As grading commences, we coordinate our team of electricians, plumbers and concrete suppliers.  With the site graded and precisely staked noting the exact location of the barn, you'll see the first stages of your pole barn begin to take shape as the details of your plan are organized on the site, footings and piers placed, concrete poured and poles positioned.

I often hear the term "pole barn".  What exactly is a pole barn?

Long 6 x 6 Poles (6x8 or 8x8 - depending on design) are placed deep into the earth, cemented in concrete.  A pole barn offers the greatest strength and safety to protect your animals, workshop and/or equipment.  You will sometimes see advertisements from companies that offer pre-manufactured barns that arrive on a truck and are assembled in two days.  In fact, they are often as pretty as pole barns.  However, imagine the wind strength, common in our region, of hurricanes originating off the Florida shore or tornadoes common in Georgia.  Which barn construction method - pole barn versus pre-manufactured/trailer style - is more likely to land in your neighbor's back yard?  There is no comparison to the protection a pole barn offers to your possessions and precious animals.

Cumming, Georgia.  An old barn structure has to be removed prior to beginning new construction.  Careful attention is given to all nearby structures like fences... and neighbors.  Ask our customers about "neighborly relations" and "clean building sites."  These are important aspects of respectful, quality workmanship.  Our contracts always include debris removal, clean up, silt fence requirements, gravel and other measures to minimize changes to the landscape and maintain beautiful surroundings.

How long does it take to build a pole barn?

Like any construction project, the length of time depends on the complexity.   The majority of our residential pole barn projects take less than two months.  After review of your project, we can give you a close estimate of the number of weeks required and an approximate start date.  Due to our commitment to build one barn at a time and maintain the Owner as "Builder," we may have a few weeks delay before beginning your project, but once we start, we dedicate our full attention to you.  Our weekends are dedicated to family and maintaining our own "horse habit."  You will typically see us on site 4 days a week and 10 hours per day.  The 5th day is for physical recovery and administrative work. And, we are on site ~ regardless of hunting season.  

What options do I have to plan my barn?

Over the years, we've observed that there are two types of barn plans.  There are:
1)  Exact plans rendered by a professional architectural and engineering firm.  (Thank you!) 
2)  Exact ideas sketched out on a napkin, noted in a daytimer, torn out of a magazine, pictured in a

     book or surfed off the internet. (And, all that works fine, too.)

Whether in blue print form or as a collection of ideas, Precision Barn Builders, LLC is ready to help.  If you have a complete set of blue prints, after review, we will be pleased to submit a bid.  The bidding process is easy.  With most barn projects, we can provide a no-cost estimate by gathering information from you about your desired features and function of your barn.  If this estimate meets your expectations, the next step is a site visit.  The site visit allows us to answer your questions about utility access, grading and exact barn placement.  

Do you need floor plan and elevation drawings (sketches) to see your barn "on paper"?  Many customers do.  Barn sketches are sometimes required if customers need variances or to secure a building permit.  For a very modest cost, typically $100, we can help you with this.

We are often contacted by customers who are out of state and inquire about design help.  "YES", we can help you.  Our out-of-state services include needs assessment, design, drawings, construction specifications, pricing estimates and a suggested contract to secure with your out-of-state builder.  Pricing for most "back yard horse barns" is $675; higher for larger projects.

Unless directly otherwise by the customer, Precision Barn Builders, LLC is "hands on" for each step of your barn project beginning with permitting to handing you the key to your new barn.  This style of construction is referred to as "turn key".  It allows a headache free process for the barn owner and quality supervision from A-Z by our company.  

After permitting, what next?

As soon as the permit is obtained, grading begins.   Grading needs vary in complexity from "very little" to significant clearing of trees, debris, structures and reshaping of the building site paying significant attention to water flow/drainage.  Regardless of the size of your grading needs, Precision Barn Builders, LLC is prepared to manage your project. 

If you are planning on building a barn or have invested in a complete set of architectural plans, then you are ready to meet with Precision Barn Builders, LLC.  

Precision Barn Builders, LLC specializes in building farm structures and serves communities within a three hour (typically) radius of Dahlonega, Georgia.

Sylvia lost her barn during demolition and after experiencing separation anxiety at the boarder's we made her a temporary member of the Precision Barn Building crew, moved her back home and created a make shift stall.  Nail guns and air compressors don't bother her.   

What is a Pole Barn?