Timber Post and Beam

Timber Post and Beam

Timber Post and Beam Construction, Pavilion Documentary

Pavilions are versatile and attractive structures.vOur construction technique features the advantages of a pole barn in combination with the best of Amish construction methods. Additionally, take a great customer like Bob K whose family and he lived on a beautiful home surrounded by 3 sides of water in Middle Georgia, and we could not have been blessed with better work.
Bob very thoughtfully took most of the photos (the ones with the good pixel sizes!) in this documentary and made the 5 days on this job as pleasant as it could be (beginning of a hot Labor Day weekend!).

Stage 1

You've got your cozy dream home on one of the most gorgeous lots on Lake Sinclair. But, somethings missing! The party pad and parking lot! Wouldn't a pavilion be the answer? A pavilion provides cover for your cars, but all those cookouts on Memorial Day, 4th of July and Labor Day won't be rivaled under the big party pad. Hook up the sound system, get out the jet skis and invite the friends and family. Get ready to pull out the burgers and cool down some brews!

Stage 2

Using a construction method often credited to Amish builders (but utilized, also, by good 'ole Presbyterians), we join the post to the band by drilling two holes and driving two pegs into each post. The advantage of our Amish style method is the tight fit that remains as the "all wood" pieces contract and expand, maintaining a tight fit, during varying climates.

Stage 3

Those who build know this is tricky business. Kudos to Bill, a great and long-term crew member and friend. No one handles heavy equipment better than Bill and he gracefully picked up these pieces with the extended fork lift and put them where they needed to go and none of us in the air had to wish we had a mini-parachute in our tool belt nor those on the ground listen for a shout of "TIMBER!" while we set the ridge and the rafters.

Stage 4

Here's a close up picture of those gang plates. You won't find these at your local hardware shop for a project like this. Precise diagrams were given to our custom welder/tool and die machinist buddy who made them up prior to our journey out of town. Each one was perfect. This same buddy also gave Carol and Damon an engraved cast iron frying pan as a wedding present. It hangs on the wall; too nice to use, of course. Carol thinks all wives should have a iron frying pan "right handy", however.

Stage 5

Metal roofing is being installed with astrofoil insulation to keep those lake parties just a little cooler during the hot temps!


That's it! Time to enjoy the new barn.