Precision Barn Builders, LLC

Don't be bashful!  This Georgia chicken coop is discreetly constructed and located in prestigious Sandy Springs right next to the private home's tennis courts.  If you have covenants that restrict "chickens", the home owner's association just has a little misunderstanding about  what chickens do and don't do!  Get the covenant's changed and enjoy your "farm fresh" eggs!

To learn more about the ease of keeping chickens, click here.

The standard fee for our Georgia chicken house construction is $1550, plus delivery.  To include the well-constructed and sturdy wire covered run, add $1000.  Delivery charges cover our man hours and transportation expenses.  They're reasonable.

After reviewing your answers, we can provide to you a confirmed price, written agreement,  references and determine a delivery date.

The chicken house portion of the coop is constructed off site and optional wire section constructed on site. Installation takes about a day if you purchase the "run".  If you need chickens, we can refer you to several suppliers, too.  

Baby chicks typically begin laying at 4 months.  These sweet backyard pets are much "lower maintenance" than you would think and the daily return of eggs during months of longer day light - for your humble investment -  is a daily joy. 

Thank you to Ben and Gladys for your inspiring design ideas and the privilege to build for two very lovely people!

Why do we build a better Georgia chicken coop?  Thickness (heaviness) of our quality wood product, well-framed "large enough" house adds durability and weather resistance, sun-run option, sufficient shelter in all weather conditions, human entrance(s), shingles to coordinate with your home, wire ground run (you cover it with hay or mulch) to protect birds and eggs from predators,.. and, paint or stain to match your home.

Is there truly a perfect chicken coop for the backyard hobby bird enthusiast?  We think so!

After building a menagerie of styles and inventing the wheel with each home owner's request, Precision Barn Builders, LLC is proud to adopt Gladys' "Perfect Chicken Coop" as our official company chicken house structure.  With a rooster on our logo, we figured it was time to take a stand and crow about a logical, good-looking, functional, well constructed and affordable Georgia chicken coop.  

Oh, it's a Creme de la Creme Georgia Chicken Coop, in our opinion. 

The shingle roof can be delivered in your preferred color scheme. Pictured, Gladys and Ben opted to pay a little more money for a cedar color shingle.  Standard options, more conservative in cost, include white-gray and black. 

And, how much does this wonderful coop cost?  You can buy it one of two ways:  With or without the "run".  To purchase the house only, it's $1350 plus delivery.  Add $1000 if you want the chicken run portion.  We are happy to provide you with a firm price once we have the answers to these questions: 

  • Do you desire your chicken house to be placed on concrete blocks and leveled as shown in the picture?  Or, if you have a bigger budget and want the greatest structural strength during wickedly high winds: Would you prefer it to be build with corner poles placed into the ground (pole-barn style)? 
  • Are there trees or debris that need to be removed in the area the coop will be built? 
  • Do you want a standard shingle roof or prefer a colored shingle?
  • To quote delivery fees, what is your address?
  • Is access to the area in which your coop will be installed just a few giant steps or two from your driveway?  (Or, is it up the hill, through the woods and over the creeks after you go around the corner?) 
  • Can you email us your answers as well as a picture of your building site?  (Any minor - or, major - grading needs will affect pricing.

The Perfect Chicken Coop

Gladys and Ben wanted a chicken coop that would protect their little flock of 8 from the elements while discouraging those hungry prowling critters higher on the food chain from making their feathered friends a midnight snack.  The wire run extends across the floor of the coop to deter digging predators.  For easy  convenience, as long as the hens cooperate, Gladys can simply lift the egg hatch to retrieve her organic, fresh, back-yard eggs. 

The size of the wooden house structure is 6' x 6'. The "run" is 8' x 10'.  

To survey their flock more closely, Gladys and Ben won't knock their noggins when they enter their Georgia chicken coop. It has two human size entrances; a wooden one on the house section and a wire door entrance in the daylight run.  Your Georgia chicken house should be easily accessed by you!  Don't stoop in your Georgia coop!

If you have ever tried to "chase a chicken", you know how much easier it is to do so when you have plenty to "head room."  With an 8 foot ceiling height in the daylight run section, you'll be fast on your feet when you need to catch a feathery friend. 

It's pretty!  This official "Precision Barn Builders Georgia Chicken Coop" allows you to either seal and/or stain the rough sawn board and batt wood or you have the option to paint the wood to coordinate with your most discerning backyard decor'. 

Coordinating with her fence work, this owner requested a horse back entry gate so that she could enter her round pen without mounting and to train her assist her when opening gates, mounted, on the trail.4 Stall Barn with Built "IN" Run-in shed