Precision Barn Builders, LLC

Small, basic rescue barn

Back to Basics rescue barn in Ball Ground, Georgia

This is a modest barn that reminds us of "Grandpa's barn" in many ways.  Open slats save on lumber and the dirt floor is primitive.  Do those that dwell in this barn care?  We'd guess not.  In fact, they live next to some of the most gorgeous acres in Ball Ground where they spend their day time hours.  

This barn owner utilized the help of a neighbor for grading and her handy husband for utilities, so we essentially "raised the barn" and complete the stalls to their specifications and let the owners finish the rest.  This is a great barn for budget-minded horse folks.

This back to basics barn may be less expensive than many.  But, it is far from "cheap".  The same thoughtful construction that we put into boarding facilities is placed in the construction of this barn. Not a nail is driven crooked, it is spanned on 2 foot centers, lathing attaches the roof to the rafters and the posts (poles) are sunk 3 foot deep.  This is a quality barn structure that future generations will enjoy in years to come.  You'll see sagging ridge lines on more expensive barns before mother nature shows a toll on this one.

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