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​Run-in Sheds

Run-in sheds can be designed for different purposes.  They can function as a temporary barn to house guest horses, be used to minimize a horse's time on the field or to secure them for their vet check up. Some owners use their run in sheds to feed grain while others have them designed to offer  a break from the heat or protection during inclement weather.  Let us build your run-in shed to meet your equestrian needs.

Everyone needs more room!  Think about what you need your shed to house or how you'd like to use your shed.  We'll help you figure out the rest.  Imagine the possibilities with this Dahlonega shed.  And, it's so much more quality built than those flimsy over-priced things you see in the building supply parking lots or along the side of the road!

It's easy to get started.  Just complete the details of your project on our Barn Survey or email us at:  We'll be back in touch with you with you to discuss your project in more details.   

Small Equipment Sheds

Sometimes you just need to get your toys out of the rain.  Building a pole structure keeps your equipment safe and adds value to your property. Best yet - we help you determine your design, your style and your esthetic preferences.  Why buy a pre-manufactured cover when you can have a structure up in a day or two!  And, later on - you won't use a day or two locating your shed that blew away when wild and wooly weather was blowing across your yard.  Built for the future - built to last.

Container Sheds

Called by the Maryland based non-profit Mac-Recycling we were asked to construct collection sheds to be placed "by twos" in contracted parking lots throughout many counties in middle  and north Georgia.  The project was a nice break from the heavy lifting of barn poles and it was additionally enjoyable because monies raised through Mac's efforts support the D.A.R.E. initiative which makes a very positive difference in the lives of our students in Lumpkin County and many counties throughout the United States.
Shed delivery was included in our agreement with Mac-Recycling.  So, we'd build 16 and then deliver 16 until the job was done.  Sometimes, we'd have unexpected help like the time 14 month old (yes, she is tall!) curious mare, Roxy, couldn't help herself and worked for days to figure a way out of her pasture. Once she mustered her way past the gate, she was pretty clear that all she wanted was a turn with the hammer.

Sheds, Small Structures

You'll pay more when buying off the lot.

Tool and Equipment Sheds

It often costs less to build a solid structure on your land as opposed to buying a pre-fabricated or modular system off the parking lot of your construction supply depot.  The price can  [Tool and Equipment Shed, Dahlonega, GA] be compared, but the value is without comparison.  If you could buy a small stick built home or a trailer that could be hauled onto your land tomorrow - which would you do?  It's no different.  When building our sheds, we secure the sturdy poles (posts) 3 feet into the ground.  Proper overhangs provide protection and you won't see the roof blowing off because the same solid, support techniques we use to build our barns are used when building our enclosed stationary sheds  and equipment 
sheds.  Before you order some cheap structure that will do nothing but detract from the value of your property, contact us to discuss a custom structure built for quality and attractiveness.

Do you prefer a wood run-in shed?  For most customers, metal or wood is an esthetic preference.  They function the same.  A common size for an equestrian run-in shed is 24' x 12'. What's important is that your run-in shed be a "pole structure" to assure the greatest level of safety to your animals taking shelter.
Some horse trainers and horse owners recommend a "Paradise Paddock" concept to provide exercise and grazing variety. Horses move around their food plot through a series of tunnel like run-in sheds. Like any covered structure, we do not skimp on material, metal is secured to lathing - not to the supportive frame.  This particular run in shed is insulated, as requested by the owner to reduce inside summer heat. Run-in shed walls and roofing materials are designed according to the owners preferences which are often guided by coordinating with their barn, home, or favored building material.

Outdoor Gazebo

Construct your outdoor picnic area with solid pressure treated posts and 2' center roofing support.  Build with quality and give let future generations enjoy time with friends and family,l too.

Seeking a bigger pavilion?  Click here.