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The Wash Rack has one of those features we all love - - - warming lights.  We are certain the hunting horses appreciate them too when they have a late shower before a frosty fox hunting morning!

The tack room has a window, enclosed water heater and utility tub.

Take a look at the rear view of this barn.  You'll notice that the wash rack, that you enter from the western styled doors, also has an exit.  Windows at the rear of each stall allow everyone an equal view.

The barn features rustic stall fronts, frost free water hydrant and hitching post rails.  The 6' poured concrete pads helps keep the interior tidy and the extended roof line gives shade and shelter during rain.

This is an excellent example of a shed style barn.  One advantage of a shed style is the cost savings over a monitor or gable style barn with similar functions.  The costs of big barn doors and a wide aisle can be  money saved to support some of your other horse habits.  Other barn owners prefer a shed style because, at a glance, they can see what ole Bessie and Sam are up too now.  Sometimes customers will think, "But, they'll be cold unless they are IN a barn."  Well, horses were designed to live outdoors and unless you get some body heat going and keep your doors closed (which aren't insulated any-who), it's the same temp inside most barns as it is outside.  Truly, your horses don't mind, so if you like a shed-style barn, your horses will think it's just dandy, too!

Shed Style 4 Stall

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