Precision Barn Builders, LLC

RV Barn and Man Cave

RV Storage Garage and Man Cave

This barn has everything that you want for a classic 2 level "man cave".  The extra tall door height and ceiling, with pull through capability, helps to handle a very large RV.  This barn additionally accommodates tractor storage and a workshop with bath.  Best yet, the Misses is happy because the custom shutters, garage doors, siding, trim and light features coordinate with their beautifully appointed home in Talking Rock, Georgia.  

We particularly enjoyed our customer's choice of decorative cupola.  It's an eggplant metal color with brass and, we have to say- it is one of a kind and truly works well with this structure.  This custom barn was, like many others, worked out over a series of meetings and exchange of ideas.  The end result is a pleased and happy customer.  You can't find a barn like this off a pre-fab plan or off the building supply parking lot floor.  Thinking about use and function creates the floor plan while being coordinated with the customer's esthetic preferences.

We knew they had also chosen the right builder when our customer expressed to preserve their landscape and maintain their property impeccably.  Respectful workers are the only workers on the Precision Barn Builder's crew.  They soon learned they had "no worries" and together we walked the property carefully determining which trees would be preserved in the grading process so that after the barn was completed, the overall look would blend very well.

Custom barns save money and give the customer exactly what they are seeking.

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