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Fabulously Functional Rustic-Style Gable Barn in Toccoa, GA

Our customer Jo in Toccoa knows what she likes.  She likes to RIDE!  And, riding with friends with some of life's modern conveniences is the best of all worlds.  So, over a period of time, we finalized Jo's barn plans.

Jo is able to have her guests pull up to her barn and enjoy full utility camper hook-ups.  (It's a party pad!)

She can accommodate a significant number of horses by using a series of round pen panels that can open and close forming "temp stalls".

These same round pen panels can be flush with the wall so that equipment can drive right through her shed sides when they are not being used as additional stalls or giving her horses a larger stall as they have access through the dutch doors located at the back of each stall.

Preferring not to rough it, Jo has a "bunk house" with full shower, toilet, sleeping and kitchenette. What's not to love?

With her calm and well behaved horses, Jo was not concerned about nipping anyone walking in the aisle or an overexcited stallion, so she had us build "half walled" stall fronts that are open to the aisle.  This old fashioned system works great when you know your horses and know their habits.

A large fan helps keep air flow moving.
You'll notice an extended gable roof that allows guests to sit protected from the elements, fanned by the ceiling fans while they grill out after riding at Willis Knob or Clemson.
Our hat is off to you, Jo.  You show us that senior citizens have more get up and go than some die-hard cowboys!

Rustic Gable Style Barn

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