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The price of fencing is affected by the materials

needed, location, footage and nature of the

terrain. Therefore, to give you a per square foot

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your fence to inspect the terrain, gauge the

footage, calculate the number of posts and

corners required, and confirm choices for fence


Precision Barn Builders, LLC has built a reputation

for providing comprehensive, detailed

communication at the forefront of each project to

prevent unwanted financial surprises to our customers.  Thoughtful planning from the beginning covers each detail to prevent change orders and deliver your job on budget and on time.

We enjoy doing fence work and are pleased to share some photos and explanation of our work.

Project:  Etowah Water Authority

The Etowah Water Authority in Dawsonville, GA needed a fence to discourage hikers and animals, particularly deer, from entering their project area.  Over 8000 feet of fencing consisting of Gauge 1047 Red-Head twisted no climb horse wire with 2 strands of Gaucho 12 gauge barbed wire at the top and one strand at the bottom divides this rugged, steep terrain.  We knew we were signing up for an aerobics assignment as we observed the remote access to the area to be fenced which would require much of the material to be moved by hand.

This blue-printed engineered plan we followed specified strong back cross ties every 330 feet and in-line posts as the inclines of the terrain changed.  We used 8' pressure treated posts with a 6" - 8" diameter.  The corner posts are spaced approximately 7.5 feet apart with the top rail fastened with 3/8" galvanized pins and timberlock screws.

4 Board Fence with electric top/coyote safety wire 

4 Board fence with one high tinsel hot wire at the top encourages horses to stay home and discourages chewing.  The color is Kentucky black coat.  Each post is set in concrete with twist tied tensioners.  In this rural area of north Georgia, coyotes frequently kill newborn animals.  To add additional protection to our customer's new foal, we installed Oklahoma Brand 1047 no climb horse wire barely visible outside the fence to not detract from the appearance of the fence, but greatly protective when installed on the inside of the 4 boards.

ElectroBraid:  Safe, Secure, Simple - Much less expensive than 4 Board.

ElectroBraid is a new generation double helix polyester fiber that meets the same standards for strength as that required of seat belt and parachute restraint materials.    It comes in 3 colors:  Black, White and Speckled.  Many horse owners prefer ElectroBraid because it provides the safest assurance against injury.  Should a horse or foal run into the fence or be pushed into the fence, the soft fibers are less likely to cut and entrap the animal.   Depending on the nature of the incident and manner in which the posts were set, the fence is likely to return to normal position.  An available feature is a "fence minder" which, when programmed to your telephone, alerts you if there is a problem with a voltage drop such as a tree falling, predator or horse against the wire.  

Electro Braid fencing is easy to install after the hard part - digging the posts and securing in concrete - is complete.  Although experience has taught us handling tips and techniques for the best result, it is a more practical fence option for "do it yourself" land owners.   It is also possible to easily use Electro Braid when traveling to form a temporary corral or paddock in a new field.  To further acquaint you with the option of Electro Braid, we are happy to mail a free DVD and Electro Braid sample to you.  One note, however, is that we disagree with their mention that the wire can span posts set 50' apart.  There are parts of the U.S.A. where this is applicable such as in Texas where the braid will spand hundreds of feet in very open, flat, straight, treeless terrain.  In Georgia, in the communities in which we install fencing, you can anticipate no greater span than 20'.  

Racheted System, Extra Assurance.

A key to successful fence construction is management of the posts.  We place every post deep into the ground within a bed of concrete.  This, alone, is great assurance that your post won't "give".  However, as added assurance that you always keep proper tension on your fence, we install racheted cross ties on corner posts.  You might never need them, but if you do, it guarantees easy of use when tightening a corner.  

Electro Braid is about twice the cost of high tinsel wire, but is often 50% or more less costly than installing traditional 4 board fencing.  Many customers like the look of Electro Braid. Other customers use 4 board with a hot top wire where they desire a traditional ranch look and run the balance of their pasture in Electro Braid.  As an approved installer for Electro Braid, we are offered a significant savings over what you can purchase the wire for directly from Electro Braid.  Therefore, this allows us to pass our installer discount onto our customer when you choose Precision Barn Builders, LLC for your fence installation project.  With this savings, your option to build with Electro Braid nearly pays for the installation.

Learn more about Electro Braid!  

Email us and request a free Electro Braid sample.

Decorative Gates and Pasture Gates 

Horse pastures are typically gated with Economy gates or Bull Gates.  Economy gates are standard in the industry and generally all that you need to protect your horses.  They come in a variety of colors.  A bull gate looks like an economy gate, but is heavier, weighing about three times that of a horse gate as it is constructed with thicker steel. 

Your most creative gates can be constructed by Precision Barn Builders, LLC.  Do you, for instance, wish to have a horse-back entry to your training round pen?  Horse back trail gates where dismounting is optional to enter and close?

Gates are determined by the function desired and esthetic value to coordinate with your fence.  Precision Barn Builders, LLC is happy to help you evaluate your choices to find the best gate for you.

Damon Hunt's personal favorite gate projects involve constructing western log-style gates.  The materials, more than the labor, are pricey - but, the value is priceless.  The gate featured is made from custom ordered cedar logs out of Clayton, Georgia.  After procuring the logs, we pressure wash the bark and then hand skin the logs with a "skining knife." The logs are then sanded, stained, and constructed.  Custom hardware is ordered through our nearby Blacksmith at John C. Campbell Folk School, Brasstown, NC.

Classic Electric Fence System

An economical application of horse fencing when esthetics was not a high priority, this customer opted to install 3 strands of high tinsel hot wire to separate her paddock and pasture.  In line T-posts are 20' apart and corner posts are set approximately 7.5 feet apart.  It is important to consider that we use NO NAILS for any of our fence projects.  Observe how often nail heads pull out of the wood as wood ages.  This presents a danger to horses and livestock in addition to shortening the life expectancy of the fence.  To give our customers the best value, we construct with 3/8" galvanized pins and 8 - 10 inch timber lock screws.

Cedar Walk Way down to a Waterfall

A long-time customer asked us to evaluate a special project.  There's a waterfall in the back yard and no way to get to it other than hiking.  Hiking is not a bad option, but she wanted a walk way, but not a common walkway.  Putting his head on it, Damon proposed using the composite trek for the walk boards and utilizing whole cedar logs for the support posts.  Finding the cedar became a unique challenge.  A good supplier in Clayton Georgia, a farm in Dahlonega, GA and a couple of posts right off his own cabin property, the material acquisition was completed and the crew moved off the barn and classic fence building venue to build this magnificent structure descending to the 40' falls.  If they ever want to turn their home into a wedding venue, we know where they'll be a new sort of "hitching post" going on!

Your questions and inquiries are welcomed.  We appreciate the opportunity to meet with you and review your georgia horse barn construction or farm-related project.   Serving many communities of the North Georgia Mountains, we typically work in the Georgia counties of Lumpkin, Hall, Forsyth, Dawson, White, Habersham and Lumpkin.  These include the towns of Gainesville, Dahlonega, Cumming, North Alpharetta, Dawsonville, Canton, Cleveland, Sautee, Clarkesville and Dahlonega.

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