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No, that' s not a VW Bug- it was the prized PORSCHE!  Ouch!

The other non-pole construction barns you see are pre-manufactured barns that come off the lot of a national building supplycompany. Besides the cheap and weak construction, with taxes, delivery, site prep, features and utilities - guess what?  You pay basically the same price (or more) for  a barn-look, but not nearly the same quality as a true pole barn.  Besides adding very little or nothing to the value of your property, you probably made a decision based on the excitement of having a barn in your backyard next week.  So buyer - beware!   Learn about pole barn construction.
Poles are long 6 x 6 "solid" posts (careful - many builders will use three 2x6 pieces of wood secured together as posts to save money).  The solid posts are placed 3 feet deep into the earth and secured in a concrete footing.  They function as a key framing element of your barn - at every interior and exterior corner of your barn.  In Georgia, we have our share of inclement weather. Tornadoes and strong hurricane winds from troublesome storms out of Florida challenge agricultural and residential structures. Your horses are safe in well-built Georgia pole barns.  The strongest of winds will not shift the position of a pole barn barring an unfortunate "direct hit" that no structure could withstand.  The next time a good storm goes by tin off a cheaply framed barn and moves a slab built barn 3 feet over (or, into the neighbor's property), we'll want to get a picture which will replace much need for explanation.
In summary, pole barn construction is the only right way to construct a quality Georgia barn.  You have every esthetic option and advantage available to you as well as the greatest safety and security of those for whom the barn protects and for the well-being of your barn contents.

2.  How much will my barn cost?

If you are building a horse barn or a non-equestrian barn, please complete our BARN SURVEY.  Scan/email or fax your completed survey to us.  Our fax number is (404) 506-9477.  Because faxes can suffer from electronic colic, please email us notification of fax to prevent unknown fax transmission error.  Completing this survey will help us help you get the right barn for the right budget.  If you are uncertain about your answers, just indicate this on the form.  Click here.

3.  Do you build out of town?

We are frequently called to build barns outside of Georgia.  However complimented by the request, we will first encourage you to use the criteria offered on our website to help you select a more local barn builder.  However, if you want us to build your barn, we will travel, but the price is influenced by the distance and hotel fees.  If needed, for an hourly rate, we will interview barn builders and reference check for you with this question in mind, "If we could not build our own barn and had to choose a builder, what would we look for?"  We encourage you to use a builder in your state area so that you do not shoulder the additional costs of housing our crew.  However, if you have been referred to us, or have checked our customer references and want our specific crew and building style - then, we understand!  Your barn will be priced as we price in our local area, but we'll add on travel and lodging expenses as the project requires.
In Georgia, we build locally and up to a 3 hour radius outside of Dahlonega/North Georgia.   Whether local or out of state, we are committed to earn your trust and be your choice among Georgia barn builders.
To help many of those who inquire from out-of-state, we do offer design services beginning at $675 for a classic backyard barn. The fee includes helping you with final design selections, drawings (sketches), construction specifications, and suggested contract to make certain that your local builder knows your expectations.  If you are interested in design services, begin with our BARN SURVEY.

4.  Do you do fence work also?

Yes.  We are proud of the quality of our fence work and have had pictures of our fence work selected for publishing use by the international supplier ElectroBraid.  We build fences keeping low maintenance and strength in mind.  Many examples of our fence work are shown on our fences and gates page.  Enjoy!

5.  My husband is very handy and can do a lot of the interior finish work on our barn.  Can I hire you to frame the shell?

Absolutely!  You can hire us to complete your barn soup to nuts or.... the meat and potatoes!  In this industry, you meet a lot of barn-to-be owners who know about building and are pretty handy.  Some of our good riding friends ended up being customers who wanted to work with us nearly side by side.  So, if hubby wants to permit and grade and prefers we handle the heavy stuff so he can finish the stalls or make the tack room beautiful after we've framed it up - that's fine!  Our contract will specify who does what.  Our only stipulation is that a coordinated time-line is established so that our workmen's schedule is predictable.  In other words, if your brother in law is an electrician, then he has to promise to start and finish the work to the standard and time-line of our regular subcontractor.  

6.  How do I interview a barn builder?

We recommend you ask the following questions to your potential builder and to the customer references they provide: 

  • Are you currently working?  For whom did you last build a barn?  
  • May we visit you where you are on site working now?  
  • Will you provide an extensive list of past and recent customers? 
  • Will you provide a list of your suppliers and vendors (metal, lumber, sub-contractors) for us to check credit worthiness?
  • Do you use solid posts throughout your pole barns?
  • Describe your framing style and, particularly, the footage (space) between truss to truss or rafter to rafter of the roof support system?
  • Do you secure the metal roof to lathing or directly to your roof structure boards?
  • What is not included in your final proposal to me that I will need to spend to have my barn up and running to meet my utilization objectives?
  • Is the contractor also your builder?  What percent of the time is the contractor directly supervising and building along-side the crew?
  • How would you rate the quality, safety and cleanliness of your job site while my barn is being built?
  • How often do your customers experience a change order?
  • Do your customers ever pay more than the price on the written contract?

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1.  What is a pole barn?

Think of a barn and you are probably picturing a pole barn and just didn't know it.   Most barns you see are "pole barns".  So, let's first answer "What isn't a pole barn that looks like a barn?"  Barns that are not pole barns are sometimes built by home construction contractors who are building a "barn house" for your animals or equipment.  If they understood the value and benefits of pole construction, they'd know that a slab style barn is not as safe or effective to meet traditional barn use purposes.  

This carport appears like a normal, structurally strong carport.  UNTIL - a strong wind sheer didn't allow the poles, that were shot into the slab and not buried into the ground like a pole structure, to support the weight of the roof structure.  Ut oh - below is what happened.  Then, after that- our wonderful customers made the call to Precision Barn Builders because they specifically wanted a pole structure.  We replaced the carport with a structure that looks identical to the original....but, it was a pole structure.