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On an entertaining note, when we built the barn we asked our Turner's Corner customer if she wanted a "foaling stall."  A foaling stall is an easily removed wall separating two stalls.  Unlike most of our walls that are double walled to provide ideal strength, we can build a foaling stall wall by building the wall in a channel.  A few screws removed, board by board, the wall is lifted away and mom and baby have a double stall for those especially important early months together.

"I'd never be interested in having a foal", she noted, but opted for the foaling stall wall as she thought it would be a nice re-sell feature for down the road when she sold her property.  Little was she expecting to the proud owner of "Secret Agent Sally Sliding on In" who surprised everyone, including the vet who checked her mare twice to make sure she wasn't pregnant, born June 10, 2008.  Mom and baby did well and Damon actually removed that foaling stall wall himself as he was one of the first to be called when the baby was found in the paddock.  And, as you have probably guessed:  this is Administrator Carol's barn.  She never expected her barn to come with the builder and never expected her mare to come with a foal!  Barns make great memories and, other than church, there is no finer place to spend time with your family.

Board & Batt, 4 stall

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Old-fashioned, Board and Batt Gable Style barn (Loft, wash rack, tack/feed, bathroom.)

As equestrians, this barn is another favorite of ours.  Squeezed onto the side of a mountain, we removed extensive trees and graded quite a pad. The owner wanted the barn to remind her of her Grandfather's very rustic, old barn in South Georgia.  So, it has primitive elements, additionally motivated by cost-savings measures, that are reflected in the rough sawn board and batt exterior, dirt aisle and the open half-walled stall fronts.  

And, there are fun elements such as a bathroom made to look like an old outhouse installed in the tack/feed room and special lower door bolt that we installed for her horse who can open every form of locking mechanism including scissor clips.  You can find him on youtube.  Search "Flash escapes his stall".

Exposed rough sawn wood is capped with metal which prevents cribbing so you'll notice this feature on the open stall walls and around the cased window openings. 

With minimal acres for her horses to graze, she needed ample hay storage space so we began by building a partial loft.  During a season of significant hay shortage, our crew returned to expand her loft so she could buy ample hay when it became available.  You'll see a hay drop chute so hay is easily dropped from the loft into the stalls.  The barn has a concrete floor in the tack/feed room and wash rack. For greatest ease when cleaning, our Turner's corner customer additionally opted for concrete stall floors covered with our extra thick mats.