Wash racks don't have to be metal.  T&G with a clear protective varnish is a warm and pretty option.  Notice this customers built in shelves and wash rack wand.  With the sliding door just beyond, she can practically "drive" her horse right through the bath!

These outside paddocks or temporary guest horse stables are installed with horse safe latches which, when opening, swing back to create an open aisle for easy aisle cleaning or storage when not being used by visiting horses.  

Hitching posts are handy horse management options.

RV hookups (electric and water) make guest travel and entertainment even more convenient.

Electrical wires should always be encased in conduit.  Additionally this barn features concrete aisle and open half wall stall fronts with grilled stall dividers.

Structural Features and Interior Options

Every horse barn and farm structure should be built unique to the owner's preferences - not a kit or "perfect barn for everyone" offer. 

Do you prefer a contemporary metal horse barn or one of traditional board and batt?  Have you considered entering the gate of your round pen mounted on horse back or will you always prefer to lead your horse?  Do you prefer a poured aisle or ground aisle?  Are the stalls 10 x 10, 14 x 14 or classically 12 x 12?  Will you keep your hay in a separate shed or do you enjoy the look or function of a loft?  Have you considered the possible need for a foaling stall with an easily removable dividing wall?  We'll be happy to discuss your options and weigh the value.  In the end, we build according to your preference.

Many owners know their equestrian design preferences from past experiences and research.  Others want to explore their options in conversation, with pictures or by visiting our well-built Georgia horse barns.  These photos are only a sample of our work, but they provide ideas and are helpful when brainstorming the architectural preferences and structural features that you desire for your horse barn or farm related project.  For those new to the barn and livestock lifestyle, we can offer practical suggestions as well as the pros and cons to define the choices most suited to you.
As Georgia barn builders we are blessed with plenty of work.  So, our goal is to have each customer become another satisfied customer to spread the positive word about Precision Barn Builders, LLC regardless of whether you are a $20,000 or a $2 million project.  What's important is building your barn to your satisfaction in a price fitting your budget.  We hold true to quality framing and building techniques as we plan to be building 20 years from now and don't care to see our barns sporting sagging ridge lines with leaky roofs - the rest of the details about what goes in your barn is up to you!
Let Precision Barn Builders, LLC be your preferred choice among Georgia barn builders.

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Wanting to avoid the weight of rough sawn sliders, this owner had us hand build large, swinging dutch doors with easy locking and latching system.  We believe they also give the barn a very nice appearance.

This barn features large hay doors with an "old-fashioned" interior closing system and hand-built rough sawn slider doors.

To create interior access to a loft in a small barn, one solution is to install pull down stairs in the wash rack.  Elvis, the barn cat, also finds them easy to climb.  Every barn should have a good "mouser" and, if needed, Precision Barn Builders, LLC, who highly values customer service, can help you find a cat.  We want to be your preferred choice in Georgia barn builders (and, we'll earn it)!

Building a removable wall between two 12x12 stalls creates a 12 x 24 "foaling stall" which adds no cost to your barn, but certainly offers an important option (if not for you, for a future owner).  

The owners of this barn requested that the floor of the stall be gravel.  Interlocking mats resist movement and make clean-up easier.

A cupola offers a nice finish to many barns.  This copper topped cupola is a custom-ordered piece and is decorative, not functional (function not required to meet the needs of this structure.)

Two level barns require steps. This owner wanted stairs on the outside and the inside of his barn.

Consider this option:  Horse-safe water cut off valve, secured in conduit, makes filling water buckets simpler than ever.

Barn Interior Features

Installing foiled-back insulation on dark metal barn roofs noticeably reduces heat - an important note for hay storage and Owners who enjoy spending time in the barn, especially during Georgia's hot summer months.

Dirt aisles are preferred by some Owners can significantly reduce the cost of a barn.  There are drawbacks for those not wanting dirt tracked into other poured areas of the barn such as the tack room or wash rack.  

These Northern Tool Stall fronts are an economical answer and a practical solution for a modest budget.  They utilize a square track roller system and the boards are not tongue and groove

Large high window allowing natural light inside large tack room with lounge area.

Clear panels create skylights.  Scissor trusses allow a later option, if the owner desires, of building loft/hay storage space.

Standard 36' trusses on a 6-12 pitch.  Ceiling fan offers a breeze comfortable to the grill and lounging area.

Precision Barn Builders, LLC

How long do you want your barn to stand?  Structural integrity is affected by many variables;  one being the width placed between rafters and trusses.  We typically build on 2 foot or 3 foot centers, preferring 2 foot.  We have competitors who build on 12 foot centers and pass inspection by hiring an engineer to provide "a stamp" taking the liability off the county in which the barn is being built.  The advantage to the owner is material and labor cost savings.  We build by code and don't cut corners.  Whereas some may say we are"over building", when you inspect the barns that are still standing from the 1800s and early 1900s and old log structures such as those found in Yellowstone, they were built on sound principles of strength and structure.

Stall dividing walls are not tongue and groove, they are rough sawn boards providing an attractive rustic appearance.  The hand-built door, preferring to "swing out" by this owner, open to mat over concrete floors.  Notice the gravity fed watering system, horse safe shut off valve and grilled dividing wall.

After building this barn in Cleveland, GA, the owner requested we return to add additional loft space.  Can anyone ever have "too much" storage? 

Wood rails guide hay dropped from loft into hay feeder.  Small corner mounted fans do a great job to cool horses in the hot summer months while mounted far from their reach with no exposed wires.  The metal capped stall fronts discourage and prevent cribbing.

Small kitchenette provides convenience for Owner.

This barn features green powder coat stall fronts with swing out feeders.  Also shown is the gravity fed watering system.

Dutch doors provide easy access to release horses into the paddock or pasture.  This customer keeps them open in the daytime to provide additional shade and shelter.

Stall fronts featured in black powder coat. 

T&G ceiling covers this metal wash rack.  We use bubble insulation behind the metal as a vapor barrier to prevent exposure to moisture, which over time would damage the studs.

Dual wash racks are found helpful to this customer for frequent bathing due to show events and cross tie preferences.  Notice the trench drains towards the rear metal wall.  The concrete is slightly sloped to allow easy removal of water.

This barn's loft became the "place to find the kids."

Standing in the loft, "throwing down hay" becomes much easier as each measured amount can be dropped into the hay feeder below.  Think fondly of the times you try to heave hay over a half wall to find it mostly in your face or juggling your flakes while opening a slider?  You won't miss it.  Later the owner painted the trap doors "red" so the hay man wouldn't cover them during delivery. (Ah... good idea!)

This barn features green powder coat stall fronts with swing out feeders.  Also shown is the gravity fed watering system.

A wash rack heater is handy to have to clean up pretty Nelly before a crisp morning ride.  Or, in the case of this customer, the late night before the next day's fox hunt.  If you dream it - we can build your ideal Georgia Pole Barn.  Don't settle for a kit that will cost you more and be less in quality.

Barn owners who spend a lot of time in their barn may want to consider the advantage of a ventilation fan offering additional comfort during summer heat.

Take a close look.  We loved this owner's humorous idea of enclosing her tack room's half bath in an old-timey "Outhouse" complete with half moon on the door. (Yes, that's an unoccupied hornet's nest on the ceiling!)

When you pull up the stall mat in this horse's stall, you can see the concrete slab upon which the mat tightly rests.  Accommodating the Owner's request, we placed the "first shoe" of each horse into the concrete of each stall.  Poured stall floors are one option for stall management and to protect the horse's joints, we install thick 3/4" stall mats that give significantly more protection than thin rubber trailer-style mats.  Other stall floor options include dirt, gravel, pavers, etc... The decision should be based around budget and each owner's personal opinion about horse management.  Precision Barn Builders, LLC is happy to discuss pros and cons to all stall floor choices to help you decide on the treatment best suited to you.

Loft space is treasured by many owners especially during periods of time with little rain when hay is short and bulk ordering (often from out of state) becomes essential.

Large entry double dutch doors swing out.  Smart and easy lock mechanism.  Our darling customer, Jo, later asked us to return to the barn and switch out these fanciful doors for traditional sliding doors.  However charming, the manner in which they opened got in the way of the "party pad" for entertaining and grilling with friends!

Our stalls fans are discreetly installed, remotely switched and out of a horse's reach. 

The owner, living hours from her barn, built her barn to be "base camp" for riding expeditions.  The shower, installed in her bathroom, provides extra comfort when "camping" at the barn.

A weather vane is an inexpensive and nice finish for a barn.  It can be installed with or without a cupola.

This picture is taken from the center aisle and is the rear of a stall.  Dutch doors are open, allowing access to guest stalls which have their own separate entrances as well (the red gate in the background).   This was the owner's idea and one that we found very clever and functional for expanding her barn beyond 4 stalls when she had more horses to house.