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6 stall barn, apartment

6 Stall barn with Attached Apartment

LIke many Floridians, the Hooks (featured decoratively by "H" on the barn) visited North Georgia relatives and made plans to move!  They purchased gorgeous acres and we built their barn while they handled the other 1000 details of securing employment and moving. Every several days we sent them digital photographs of progress and they visited as often as their work schedules would permit.
The pole barn features 6 Woodstar stall fronts, stall floors over gravel with interlocking mats, wash rack, separate tack and feed areas in monitor style placed over a concrete pad.  The apartment contains kitchen, living area, bath and bedroom.  Very handy with a hammer himself, Mr. Hook enjoyed completing many of the final finishes on the apartment interior.  
A delightful couple, this was a wonderful project and we will forever remember and appreciate being rescued at the corner the day of our first meeting in 0-degree temps when our the Dulley's diesel engine decided the temps were not for traveling.  It was an odd way to make an acquaintance, but, in the end, gave us all a sense of certainty about keeping this project moving ahead smoothly in or out of town!