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4 stall, dual wash rack

Pole Barn in Lula, Georgia - Snapshots.

Our wonderful customers in Lula, Georgia wanted a pole barn for their 4 horses.  They enjoyed frequent use and the roominess of the wash rack when tacking up, so they had us install two wash racks.  Many customers will build a wider aisle to accomplish a similar objective, but this solution fit their lifestyle and purpose well.  

The barn has dutch doors leading out to the paddock and these doors are kept open during the day to offer shade and water to the horses when they prefer to be inside.  Woodstar sliding stall fronts feature swing out feeders. Considering a future loft, we framed the barn so that it could be added at a future point.  

The barn has no bathroom, but it's very close to their home.  Another feature about this barn is the extended pad creating a sidewalk and overhangs so that you can walk comfortably around the barn during all kinds of weather.

The doors to the barn are a carriage-style garage roll up door.