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Welcome to Precision Barn Builders:  Barn and farm structure construction specialists.  Located in the beautiful North Georgia mountain community of Dahlonega, Georgia, we build studio barns, workshops, RV Sheds, equipment barns, recreation pavilions, barns with living quarters or attached homes, equestrian horse barns and related farm structures throughout middle and north Georgia.   Georgia barn builder Damon Hunt aims to provide every customer with the best barn to suit their needs at a fair price and  BUILT TO LAST by our dedicated barn building crew.

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The Georgia barn builders of Precision Barn Builders, LLC combine over 60 years of building experience with a personal passion for rural living. Damon Hunt and his wife, Carol, are passionate horse owners and enjoy weekends on many of the popular trails available to riders in the Southeast. Acknowledging individual philosophies and attitudes about live stock and horse management, Precision Barn Builders, LLC builds to accomplish your objectives paying close attention to the small details that affect practicality and appearance. 

Dear Friends, Fans and Prospective Customers:  After months of prayer and discussion, we have made the uneasy, but necessary, decision to suspend any future projects for Precision Barn Builders, LLC while attending to family members relying on our frequent support and other outside-of-work responsibilities.  Please enjoy this site for helpful building information.   

Proper barn framing is what helps your barn stand strong during tornado winds, prevents twisting lumber caused by heat and humidity (that leads to leaking roofs!) and keeps your wall intact when Nellie gives it a kick.  In addition to the right "look", we make sure the function is logical and the architectural integrity ~ impeccable.  Let Precision Barn Builders, LLC review your project and price it competitively. Communicate your barn interests by completing our barn survey and returning it to us.  This will help us get the right barn for you at your right budget.   

Framing methods vary among barn builders in Georgia.  For example, building rafters and trusses on 12 foot centers will not provide the strength nor longevity of those built on 2 foot centers.  We have dedicated a page of our website showing examples of poorly built barns that are COMMONLY built in your area.  Poorly built barns will have maintenance problems within a short time after they are finished. Reducing the cost of a barn should be gained by size or selection of features - not by framing methods. Click here to learn more.

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Meet Your Barn Builders:

Contractor Damon Hunt, along with our "family-like crew" of Thomas, Bill, Al, Ronald and Moses are "Precision Barn Builders."   From the time your project starts to the final clean up on site, these are "your guys".  Talented and dedicated, your barn is the craftsmanship of our experienced crew who are dedicated and proud to be building barns that will be standing 100 years from now.  Will you frame your barn be among those "old great barns" in the future?

Whether planning a classic backyard 4 horse stall barn to suit the lifestyle of your equestrian family or constructing shelters for your cattle operation, Precision Barn Builders, LLC is your Georgia barn builder.  Learn about quality.  Speak with our customers and ample references.  Precision Barn Builders, LLC builds with the future in mind which means responsible craftsmanship. Our company is distinguished by our framing method: we build with the intention that future generations will also use and appreciate the custom Georgia barn you build today. 

Our earth's natural resources are precious.  So, before you build your barn, familiarize yourself with quality framing and durable materials so that your barn lives on to be a valuable landmark in the lives of others, too.

Exceptions made for larger projects, we typically build within a 3 hour commute of Lumpkin County which includes but is not limited to the counties of Fannin, White, Banks, Habersham, Hall, Forsyth, Cobb, North Fulton, Banks, Jackson, Oconee, Dawson and Newton.  These counties include Cleveland, Toccoa, Clarkesville, Gainesville, Rutledge, Toccoa, Athens, Watkinsville, Hoschton, Covington, Conyers, Canton, Cumming, Alpharetta, Marietta, Talking Rock, Dawsonville, Jasper and Dahlonega.

As Georgia barn builders we provide no-cost estimates as it is to our mutual advantage to thoroughly discuss the project and desired outcome assuring our success and your satisfaction.  If you have never built a barn before, be sure to visit our "Frequently Asked Questions" page for helpful information.

4 Board horse fencing?  Equipment barn? Horse barn? Dog fence?  Round Pen? Hot wire Fence?  Paddocks?  Covered Arena?  Run-in shed? We build them all.  Need a chicken coop for your back yard?  We'll build that and stock your first flock.

Contact Builder, Damon Hunt to discuss the scope of your north or middle Georgia farm
building project and projected expenses. 

Although we mostly build barns, our customers dream up wonderful and creative outdoor projects to build.  This cedar posted meandering walkway that ended with a 16'x16' platform overlooking the bottom of a waterfall was a rewarding and awesome project. 

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Precision Barn Builders Horse Barn Construction

If your barn's architectural plans are complete, then we will build your plan with unsurpassed detail and precision.   If you are still fine-tuning your ideas, please use us as a source for answers and information about structural integrity, necessity and ease of use to create a farm structure of which you will be proud.  Our website is written with information to assist you in your design decisions and preferences.